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If you can’t commit to a single cause because you love too big, start going to Take Action Portland (TAP) events.

There are always new people to meet through TAP because each event attracts a completely different group of people.

Show up early and politely chat with the yoga girls. Ask them for advice on a certain pose and they’ll likely give you a full demo and a personal lesson (in their bedroom…jk).

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If you’re interested in meeting women, take a metalsmithing class or pottery class at Portland Pottery.

That’s where 20 of my closest (and stunningly beautiful, talented and single) women friends and I will be every Tuesday night. The men who go to the pottery studio get laid, well and often.

If that’s not your thing, try climbing at Maine Rock Gym, join a coed basketball/soccer/dodgeball team and just go for it.

If you’re looking for a big hearted loving partner you should start volunteering, like, yesterday.

Volunteering with the Telling Room introduced me to the best group of men and women (tons of whom are single) in Portland.

The Contemporaries are one of the best-looking organizations in Portland so join asap.Also, meeting people at coffee shops can be difficult since everyone knows everyone.If you haven’t processed and put into practice my advice from last week on Things you need to get over before dating in Portland, I forgive you (for now!Folks of all genders, ages, bodies, and sexualities can experience rapid learning through role playing, literature, and practice; every three minutes participants will have the opportunity to bring some new talking/listening techniques forward and to try on new ways of relating.Look for the MESH zine at Market House Coffee (28 Monument Sq.) that will further define topics such as: what dating is, why we date, how we date, where we date, and what questions we can (and should) ask!Meeting someone in a bar can set you up for months of hanging out behind a glass of whiskey – and maybe that’s exactly what you want. Meeting someone at a yoga class can set you up for an active relationship; you’ve put your priorities out there without having to say “Keeping my smokin’ hot body and intuitive mind in shape are important to me.” Essentially, you’re helping weed out the ones that aren’t into what you’re into. I’m not going to lie – this list is selfishly based on my experiences and the things I like.


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